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Confirmation Class 2015

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The following Children were confirmed in The Church Of The Immaculate Conception by Bishop Denis Brennan on
March 11th, 2015

We were blessed with a reasonably kind day and children, family, friends and teachers had a wonderful time.
Thanks to Fr. Orr for being with us and we were delighted that the Bishop could be present. The ceremony was delightful and that is due to so many people, too many to mention individually. Suffice to say that we are grateful to all who helped in any way to ensure the confirmation was a great success for all involved.

Craig Blackburn
Amy Murphy
James Norton
Oscair Murray
Emma Collins
Kate Kinsella
Adam Somers
Katelyn Somers
Aran Reed
Shane Reed
Cian Byrne
Kuba Golinski
Aaron Doran
Niamh Byrne
Louise Cloke
Jake Kenny O' Leary
Jamie O' Brien
Maria Smyth
Eamonn Dunbar
Kevin Howard
Aoife Wheeler
Alan Murphy
Sharon Byrne
Donna Gardiner
Lucy Kinsella
Emma Carton
Kailum Breen
Brian Murphy

What is Confirmation?

Confimation is one of the
seven sacraments, the third
sacrament of initiation
in the Church (Baptism is
the first sacrament of
Initiation and Eucharist is
the second.) Confirmation
establishes the beginning,
NOT the end of"
graduation", of a life of full
participation and
responsibility in the Church.
Confirmation is the
sacrament in which one
receives the fullness of the
Holy Spirit that was given
to us in Baptism.
Confirmation celebrates
God's presence in our lives
as the Holy Spirit continues
to guide, strengthen, and
empower us to live and
witness the Good News
of Jesus Christ. Christians,
on the day of their
confirmation, become public
witnesses to Christ and his
saving works.
Confirmation makes us
realise more fully our
calling to be witneses to
Christ by the life we live
and the message that we
proclaim. For this reason,
Confirmation is not just
another one of those
things that we do because
we are of age or because
all of our friends are doing
it. Confirmation needs to be
done because we want to
live a more Christ directed
life. Confirmation is a
sacrament of Christian
maturity, the sacrament
of active assumption of
Church membership and
apostolic responsibilities.
There is much to be said
for waiting until the
candidate is both ready
and truly willing to make
a fully mature commitment
to Christ and to continue to
grow in their faith and
relationship with God. This
sacrament must be a freely
chosen commitment to God
and the Roman Catholic
Sealed with the gifts of the
Holy Spirit in Confirmation,
Christians more perfectly
become the image of their
Lord and are filled with the
Holy Spirit. They bear witness
to Him before the world and
eagerly work for the
buildingup of the body of
Christ. Confirmed Christians
bearwitness of Christ
through both their actions
and their words.

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